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These awards go to short films that display exceptional filmmaking talent across a number of categories.

From The Unheard Stories of Kenya’s Deaf to the intimate confessions of two Rainbow Headed women, our documentary strand offers a diverse and international female perspective. Women from around the globe have gathered to take power over their own narrative. Using the camera lens as a powerful tool, they confess their stories and arouse an active empathy in their audience. 


  • The Voice of the Absence by Penelope Flores

  • Hattie by Tyro Heath

  • Rainbow Headed by Stephanie Leite

  • Hamda by Ilona Szekeres

  • Yellow Cards for Equal Pay by Maia Vota

  • Building A  legacy: women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia by Amaka Ejizu

  • Strings, Needles and Wigs by Dayra Corlay

  • The S Word by Mireille Sylvester

  • Aguan - Sun Behind the Horizon by Novera Hasan Nikkon


A little girl’s moving drawing, a student stop-motion animation, a woman’s revenge tale are among the powerful and provocative stories our filmmakers have chosen to tell. Daring characters, revolutionary scripts but also subtle and caustic short films about the experience of living your life as a woman in the modern world. 


  • Give It Back by Ruchama Ehrenhalt

  • Afloat by Umi Banerjee

  • Selahy - My Weapon by Alaa Zabara

  • Run Amok by Gala Diaz Fernandez

  • The procedure by Mariella Santibanez Koref

  • Like Mother by Leigh Harmer

  • Specchio - Mirror by Caterina Crescini

  • Grab by Adele Vincenti-Crasson

  • Solstice by Gala Diaz Fernandez

  • Faulty Roots by Ella Greenwood


We had submissions from universities around the world, from girls with completely different backgrounds and perspectives. We are aiming to bring all these voices together with our student programme and give a platform to younger voices to express their opinions, feelings and worldview. An inspiring selection of short films by young talented filmmakers. 


  • Give It Back by Ruchama Ehrenhalt

  • Afloat by Urmi Banerjee

  • Run Amok by Gala Diaz Fernandez

  • Hamda by Ilona Szekeres

  • Yellow Cards for Equal Pay by Maia Vota

  • Grab by Adele Vincenti-Crasson

  • Faulty Roots by Ella Greenwood

  • Aguan - Sun Behind the Horizon by Novera Hasan Nikkon

  • Paper City by Georgia Middleton

  • The Museum by Celine Floyd

Best Director

The diverse range of original, bold and beautiful authored films from our selected directors, many of them students or first-time filmmakers, has wowed our selection panel and jury. Designed variously to amuse, disturb, move or enlighten, these directors’ films help us to see life through fresh eyes.  


  • Ruchama Ehrenhalt for Give It Back

  • Gala Diaz Fernandez for Run Amok and Solstice

  • Novera Hasan Nikkon for Aguan - Sun Behind the Horizon

  • Caterina Crescini for Specchio - Mirror

  • Ilona Szekeres for Hamda

  • Alaa Zabara for Selahy

  • Adele Vicente-Crasson for Grab

  • Penelope Flores for Voice of the Absence

  • Ella Greenwood for Faulty Roots

  • Urmi Banerjee for Afloat


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GlobalGirl Media UK is launching our first film festival, welcoming over 30 global films by women.


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