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Workshops for Women at GGMFF

The first of our 2-day workshop series with Tamara Jacobs, once a GGM Trustee, now Content Strategist at Reuters, got started on Saturday afternoon. Finding your Voice was all about sharing ideas and finding ways to deliver messages in a meaningful and impactful way. The interactive format allowed for everyone to speak about their individual ideas and experiences, first establishing why they think their voice should be heard. Stories and perspectives of women from all over the globe quickly saw intriguing discussions around issues such as the accessibility of sanitary products for homeless women, and the challenges faced by women who are incarcerated. Have you noticed a theme? Yes. Stories told by, for, and about women. We love it. How can we take women’s stories and make them powerful to others through our own unique perspectives? And, what if we want to tell somebody else’s story? Tamara also gave us some advice on that, as well as opening up the space for thoughts of what platforms and other media formats we would use to boost the overall project. Pointing out that she believes there is a lot of value in creating multiple formats in order to resonate and connect with a more diverse audience. From a television series, to an immersive multi-dimensional media experience, there are no limits to how we can tell stories.

We loved having Tamara with us. Not only were the workshops informative, but they were a safe space for women from all backgrounds to speak openly without being judged while being an informal networking opportunity. We’ve looked at the importance of finding our voice and have left with a lot to think about. Thank you, Tamara!

On Saturday, to join our incredible workshop segment, we were joined by three experienced industry women from the independent production company, Sister Studio, where they gave us advice on how to deliver and pitch ideas within the current space. All three women spoke about their experiences of building new scripted projects for television, working with exciting writers and directors and pitching those projects to commissioners, describing Sister as a workforce of women who create television shows and series that feel different, with a new angle on the world in regard to the power governed over us in society. They help writers with creative strategy, pushing them to pursue their passion projects.

Alice Tyler, Head of Development, Rachel Finnegan, Development Assistant, and Phoebe Okeowo, who is currently writing the second series of The Power, delivered an authentic workshop that was encouraging for young filmmakers. Phoebe’s story was particularly enlightening, as she is now writing for a popular Netflix series while still working on her own scripts, all while still embracing her learning process. She told us of all the stepping stones it took for her to reach today. From growing up in Tottenham and moving on to study Television & Film at University, to still feeling lost and working unfulfilling jobs. This is relatable, and to see the progress and possibilities of what we as women can do is encouraging in itself. We also heard from Alice and Rachel about how they got into their roles, while giving advice on agents, and how they can be helpful in breaking down doors and securing meetings and connecting with broadcasters. We heard about the interior formation of a writing room, and how these processes come full circle in the TV world, as well as some great recommendations of things to watch.

Hearing from all three women in a safe, informal and friendly online space was a great way of attendees to gain valuable advice and hear of experiences that they may be able to relate to. This is exactly what we try to do with these workshops, encourage freedom of expression through connection. Through these sessions, we have been able to bring our own voices into important discussions, while prompting creative opportunities all-round. The first workshop we held in collaboration with Twitch was also a great learning experience for many of us here at GGM. You can read more about the workshop with Twitch here. Thank you to everybody who attended our workshops, and to all the inspiring women who dedicated time to be a part of GlobalGirl Media U.K.’s first ever film festival!

Just because this year’s festival has come to an end doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the 36 shortlisted films and more from our GlobalGirls, over on our Short Films page, for another week. Any workshop attendees will also be able to re-watch sessions.

Written by Kayla Marie Troy

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