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TWITCH joins the GlobalGirl Media Film Festival

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Here at GlobalGirl Media virtual Film Festival 2021, we are not only bringing you some ground-breaking films, but a range of informative and creative workshops, led by an array of women who have found their place in the industry. Over the course of the festival we will be bringing you a range of workshops that can help you on your way to your goals, whether it be career based, or other personal projects and endeavours. Perhaps you just want to network and share ideas? There’s something for everyone.

We kicked off this year’s workshop series with an introduction to the popular online streaming platform, Twitch. What do you know about the world of Twitch? We guess, like a lot of us gaming will spring to mind. What if we told you there was a whole lot more to it, that it can drive and promote your individuality to become more recognised, and part of a community? is an online community streaming platform which launched in 2011, with gamers as its leading user. Over time, it has evolved and become more relevant than ever, and we were lucky enough to have brought you a live zoom workshop with their Partnerships Account Manager, Jasmin Zäsar. Jasmin delivered attendees a friendly and elaborate introduction to the platform, giving us insight into how we can make successful, sharable content as users, while feeling part of a community. Since the pandemic, as we all know – everything has moved online, even this festival! Twitch has been a major help in providing a safe community for people online to engage and create their own entertainment.

From live sports and music, to creating your own TV shows, it’s a great way to showcase diversity and talent. Jasmin introduced us to the vast range of categories offered on Twitch, including the leading two interactions being Gaming (of course!), and Just Chatting. No surprises there! Many people gather here to watch live streams and just chat, with the power and freedom to speak up on important issues and concerns. This really sits in line with what we try and achieve here at GlobalGirl Media Film Festival, giving a voice to underrepresented women in media, and the world. It’s a great way to reach bigger audiences, even if it starts with just a few family members supporting, keep going and Twitch will help you, keeping you safe along the way.

If you want to learn more about our workshops, head to our website to book. There are still tickets available. We also offer some free passes to those living in London, for whom cost is a barrier to viewing films by women, with thanks to Birds Eye View Films/Reclaim the Frame Community Fund. Just drop an email to for more information, explaining briefly why you would like to attend, and would need a free pass to be able to do so. We’d love to see you at our next workshop tomorrow at 12pm GMT with Sister Studios and some of our GGM Girls, where we’ll be talking about how to develop and pitch ideas. If you fancy learning more about networking, come along to our Networking event tomorrow morning at 11 o’clock. See you there!

Written by Kayla Marie Troy

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